Saturday, January 23, 2010

RComm offers comics on mobiles

Reliance users will be able to browse through comics of Cartoon Network’s globally popular and iconic toon stars on their mobiles

BANGALORE, INDIA:Reliance Communications, India's leading service provider that has spearheaded the launch of several unique services, has announced the launch of yet another value added service - Cartoon Network Comics on Mobile.

With this service, Reliance users can now browse through comics of Cartoon Network's globally popular and iconic toon stars on their mobiles. The service is available to all Reliance GSM customers nationally.

Reliance Communications' exciting new offering allows users to explore the amazing world of comics that have been an integral part of our world. It has teamed up with Cartoon Network, which has been a pioneer in bringing alive popular comics, to provide the service. Nazara Technologies, a mobile content provider, helps subscribers access these comics and cartoons exclusively on their mobiles.

By subscribing to the service, users can read Cartoon Network's Ben 10, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Laboratory and the Powerpuff Girls at a subscription price of Re 1 per day. Not just these, users can also read the popular Archie's series on their mobiles at a subscription price of Re 1 per day. By opting for this service, users will receive one comic strip from each of the titles mentioned everyday.

The subscription option is valid for a month. A comic book will be divided into a number of pages and each page will be divided into two screens, the visual and its text. Regardless of the subscription date, users can read from page one of the first comic books.

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