Monday, April 12, 2010

Advanced Photoshop competition

Web Designer’s sister design magazine offers exclusive competition with

Advanced Photoshop magazine, in association with, brings you a competition that challenges artists from around the world to set the tone for design in 2010.
Use your design power to chart a course for the direction of forward-thinking design trends for 2010. It’s time to be motivated by the cutting-edge world of commercial design! Release your own creative influence by drawing inspiration from popular culture, advertising, product design… the list is endless. It’s all about the trends that are making the most impact worldwide right now. Your designs must speak to people from all walks of life. Let the world’s most popular styles come alive through your design!

***Closing Date: 20 April 2010

What you can win…
We’ve joined forces with design
lovers and provided entrants with cash prizes, personalised T-shirt prints and generous subscription incentives. But for that something extra, every entrant will receive a 40 per cent discount to a year’s subscription to Advanced Photoshop magazine. The prizes for the winner are:

What you can win…

• 4 T-shirts of the winning design (sizes selected by designer)

• A year’s subscription to Advanced Photoshop magazine

• A cash prize of approximately $500 (subject to current exchange rate)

• Showcase in the magazine

Visit for how to enter and image requirements

 Full details at


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    Advanced Photoshop is a really awesome opportunity! Springleap gives so many designers a platform to get their creative juices flowing - not to mention awesome prizes and exposure!

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