Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Gold Medal Win: the Vancouver 2010 Campaign

The Olympics draw out on a micro level, the emotions, pride, contentions and drama which each of us experience as members of the human race. But if you think all of the drama ends on the track, think again! It extends all the way to the visual brand which has been a magnet for international scrutiny and is steeped in historical controversy. Amazing as it may be that the brand has been able to survive in its constant state of renewal, its survival might be best explained by a closer look at the 2010 iteration and the people behind it.

Months of research and strategic involvement bring us a clean & focused look for the familiar theme, giving the ancient Olympic brand a surprisingly ‘current’ feel. This look is perpetuated through an exceptionally executed campaign which seamlessly encompasses both traditional & new brand elements and some truly inspiring illustrations. See for yourself:

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Logo

Illustrated Vancouver 2010 Website Homepage

Illustrated Twitter Account Page:@FollowtheFlame

Illustrated Twitter Account Page: @2010Tweets

Type Units

Poster/Banner Designs: With Glowing Hearts

Remembering Vancouver 2010’s Design Director “My name is Leo Obstbaum, and I am a dreamer.”

The Design Director of the project: Leo Obstbaum passed away August 21st 2009 at the age of 40, he died of natural causes.

With the Vancouver Olympics as his last project, it effected me deeply to realize that his final designs will reach and touch the world. We only wish he could have been here to see it with us.

One of his very good friends Mark Busse wrote a detailed article about Leo after his passing. You should read the article over at GDC/BC Blog.

More info:

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