Friday, February 12, 2010

xBhp: The Gift A Dream Ride

Dreams are one of the most powerful forces in the world. They can bring about real life changes which can affect a person and a whole world. Many underprivileged children in India cannot even dare to dream because they dont even have an immediate future. Their present is threatened by meagre resources and apathy from people who can help them.

Everyone who is reading this has the resources to get onto the internet and pay for it. For many of us, food and other basic amenities and taken for granted.Not so for these young children.

We must thank god that we have managed to get what we have today, and we must learn to share, even a little to enable these children to get up on their feet and become someone, someday.

Here is your chance. A gentleman named Rahul (aka Bluevolt on xBhp) is going around India (the Golden Quadrilateral) on his Ninja 250 for 6700kms in 16 days to raise money for a NGO called Dream a Dream. The ride will start from 12th Feb from Bangalore and end on 28th Feb 2010.

The aim of The Gift A Dream Ride is simple: to enable the future of this country, the children, especially the underprivileged, to afford to dream. YOU can do your bit right now by donating a very modest sum of money to the Dream a Dream NGO and help them do this task.

This is a sincere appeal to everyone can afford two meals everyday, an appeal to understand that we need to give back something to our society, and we need to earn our good karma!

Following links will give you a lot more details:

* About Rahul, his background, motivation and the aims of The Gift a Dream ride.
* The Gift A Dream Ride's route plan
* REAL TIME updates from Rahul on the road (or follow him on Twitter)
* How to Donate (offline and online)

We at salute the spirit of Rahul, who has take the pains and effort to do this ride on his own initiation. We are very proud to support him and wish that many people who are reading this, come out of their cocoon and at least take the pains of making a few mouse clicks to donate an amount to his cause.

More info:

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